Courtesy of Business Insider

Courtesy of Business Insider

An entire functioning city with schools, hospitals, housing and all is about to be available under one roof, but that’s not it. When Sky City is completed it will be the world’s new tallest building.

Sky City is no longer a concept, but starting in June it will be the beginning of how civilizations will accommodate for the vastly growing population. In the middle of Changsha, China, Sky City will stand 220 floors high and contain an entire city bellowing from the ground to the sky, making it the tallest building in the world.

Move over Freedom Tower, New York City won’t have anything to compare to the caliber of this city. So what is the motive behind the architects at Broad Sustainable Construction to develop an entire functioning city all within one soaring building? It’s main function is to accommodate for the growing population, but this city also excels in sustainable areas we may want to think about for the future.

Unlike many building giants, Sky City is pragmatic not only to those who will be residences, but perhaps for all of our futures. There has been much literature surrounding the ‘triumph of the city’ as coined by Edward Glaeser, or the brilliance of building up, rather than out, and Sky City will prove to be a conglomerate of all benefits a city should bring, including efficiency, economical, replicable, eco friendly, and safety.

Growing the city upwards already reduces the amount of land used per capita. And by compacting a city in one building, CO2 emissions will drop drastically form eliminating transportation exhausts. Instead, residence will hop on an elevator to and from school and work.

Courtesy of Inhabitant

Courtesy of Inhabitat

Sky City will also be noted for it’s safety features, which include earthquake resistance up to a Richter scale of 9 and fire resistance to a time-mattered degree. It’s design will reflect the ‘bundled tube’ structure which was used in Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa, emanating it’s defense against wind.

So what will be contained within these cities walls? The blueprints plan for our necessities. Schools, offices, a hospital, and hotel will make up about 8% of the planned space and residential spaces will make up about 83%. The rest of Sky City real-estate will include 104 high speed elevators, numerous helipads, basketball courts, theatres, pools, tennis courts and 930,000 square feet of interior vertical organic farms. What stores will be in there are still being determined.

Broad Sustainable Construction already tried their hand at building a sustainable prefab building in a short period of time. In just 15 days their esteemed team completed a 30-story and 170,000 square foot hotel, finishing the project on New Year’s Eve. And even before that, BSC erected the 15 story Ark hotel in a mere 6 days.

Construction was one industry that was not exported, but with record times like that and affordable costs, many places may be adding more things to their cities that are “Made in China.” Truly revolutionizing construction, this company who was once the world’s largest producer for air conditioning equipment, is paving the way for cost efficient and time effective, eco-friendly buildings.

Sky City is potentially the key to our metropolis future. Accounting for mass populations and eco friendly efficiency, it’s hard to imagine these slender cities not popping up. Will it take a sheer show of success for burgeoning cities to join the Sky City structure and focus on up instead of out? Broad Sustainable Construction is making this concept easy to develop, with prefabricated elements that can have the next Sky City erected in just 90 days. With that said, cities could take this concept on very easily. We are just hoping the next skyscraping city will have a more original name.